Top 4 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs an LED Open Sign

Top 4 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs an LED Neon Open SignWhether it be that you are dealing with day to day business issues, employees or customers; as a small business owner, you already have a lot on your mind. 

Another thing that business owners are often concerned about is how to increase their sales and attract more customers. Many business owners worry that they are not getting as many clients as they possibly could. 

Our company is in the business of helping you attract more business! We would like to offer you 4 key advantages of investing in an LED open sign to attract more clients.




1. LED Open Signs Are A Great Investment to Help You Get Noticed

Great signs are essential to the success of any small shop, business, or restaurant. Signs pull in sidewalk traffic, help direct new customers, and remind old customers you are still open and ready to serve them.

The newest and most exciting trend in signages are the current selection of LED Neon Signs. These have all the appeal, style, and effectiveness of classic neon, but with much more economical and versatile LED.

Your LED Neon Signs can direct traffic to your store at night or show that you're open throughout the day (yes they shine brightly in daylight), and remind everyone of the key items and services you sell.


2. Customers Respond to Visual Cues 

For centuries merchants have used signs to bring in business. Even back when few people could read, business owners would put up signs with pictures everyone could understand. That's why barbershops still have the candy cane striped pole, a tradition dating back to when barbers doubled as the town doctor.

A prominent, easy to see OPEN sign should always be at the top of your shopping list. LED Neon Open Signs have become extremely popular with businessmen all over the world. These signs let customers know you are open and ready for business.

Choose from horizontal or vertical open signs depending on your window space and needs. It's perfectly OK to display one of both. Signs can have a static light that always stays on, or flashing word or one letter at a time to get attention.

We often recommend a flashing or animated open signs because they simply get more attention, draw greater traffic, and produce the most sales.


3. Efficiency Advantages of LED Technology

LED is much more flexible and cost-effective than old fashioned neon. It's has all the beauty of neon while being far cheaper to buy and power. Leave your LED neon sign on 24/7 and it will have very little impact on your power bill.

Some LED neon signs have scrolling words or messages that can be changed periodically based on your preferences. Display BREAKFAST and COFFEE in the morning, LUNCH at noon, and $10 DINNER at night. Investing in one of these signs can significantly improve sales as you grab attention and pull more people through the door.

For stores and shops that have the windows plastered with signs, banners, and current deals, your LED Neon Sign that flashes can really stand out. Plus it adds highly beneficial movement and animation to your storefront. Just the kind of thing that delights prospects and draws them inside.

Studies have proven that customers frequently need to think about you multiple times before they actually come in and buy. With an open sign, you can remind them about yourself every time they pass you by.


4. Customers LOVE a Business That is OPEN

Research shows a customer will visit a closed business twice. Then they give up and rarely return. That's why a highly visible LED Neon Open Sign is so essential. It not only lets drivers and pedestrians know you are ready for business, but it also confirms you are a business that is ready to serve.

Browse our highly attractive and very attention-getting LED Neon Signs. No doubt there are several affordable options that will be perfect to enhance your small businesses storefront.